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Trent Richardson

With the trade of Trent Richardson, it has shaken up both the real and fantasy football world. That being said, do I still start him this Sunday against a good 49ers D or do I plug in one of my other running backs which are: Fred Jackson, Roy Helu or move David Wilson from the flex and plug Stevie Johnson back in at the flex?
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RB is one of the easiest positions to learn. They can tell him the basics like run right off tackle and such, plus they will want to show the fans what they got so he should still get goal line carries. Not really good options, Fjackson against the Jets(good run D but they may be up and need to run clock, PPR? might be best bet), Helu against the lions (shoot out, lots of passing, and he doesn't get looks), Wilson against Car (good D, and he is in the dog house but gets return yards). T rich is going against a good D too so he is just as risky as those other guys except he is a better runner, when in doubt go with the better player. He may get 5 carries for 8 yards but 2 might be for TD's. If fantasy football has taught me anything, its that you will make the wrong choice, good luck.

What really hasn't been talked about is how this boosts TY Hiltons stock. Gonna need to bring a safety into the box to help defend so it should open up the down field passing.

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