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Drill Baby Drill... uh except in my own state

Shorter Governor Rick Scott: "Yes, drill everywhere. it's good and there are no environmental consequences. None whatsoever. There are no downsides to having oil wells right in your backyard. In fact, I wish there was an oil well in my own backyard. I'd let my own kids play on it. But that's the problem. see, here in Florida, we love oil wells so much, that we would swim out to them and try to hug them, and we'd all drown, or need to be rescued. And that's why I oppose offshore drilling in my state. Has nothing to do with the high fucking likelihood of oil spills devastating our coastal communities, a risk that would only get higher under the Trump administration, which has already signaled they intend to do nothing regarding environmental regulation. Just look who he put in charge of the EPA."
"...Killer Mike has never killed anybody. It's just, he's a killer rapper."
- Bernie Sanders

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