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NCAA and MLB pools.

1) Pick 8 Challenge($10): You pick 8 teams in the NCAA tournament and you earn points for each of their wins based on their seeds.
example: A team seeded #1 would get ONE point for each win whereas a team seeded #5 would get 5.....

So you can tell that there is a lot of strategy in this. A first round win for a #5 seed could wipe away a #1 seed going all the way to the big one.

2) Survivor Challenge($10): You have to pick one team EACH DAY who you think will win. So round 1 & 2, you will have to pick Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Here's the kicker................you can only pick a team ONCE!
Kinda like my NFL Survivor Player Pool.

However!!!!! You are allowed multiple entries.

3) Brackets for the little guys. ($25), Plan and simple. Best bracket wins. (Using Yahoo).
4) Brackets for the big ballers ($100). Less Contestants mean better chance to win even MORE money. (Yahoo.)

5) NCAA Player Pickem. ($10 per team/ 2 teams max). This is the only pool that I do by hand. This is my oldest played pool and the reason people WATCH more closely.
You pick one player from each seeded teams 1 through 12. Then you get a wild card player from a team seeded 13-16. Most points scored wins.
So you'll have a total of 13 players.

example: If Michigan, Duke, Indiana, and MSU were all #1 seeds. You'd pick ONE player from one of those 4 teams.

and on to Baseball......

6) 3 Strikes and you are Out Survivor ($25): You pick one team each week that you think will win at least 50% of their games that week. You are allowed 2 BAD weeks.
Here's the kicker.....you can only pick a team ONCE!

7) 13 Run Challenge. (Only 30 people can play - $25): If your teams scores 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 runs in a game before any other team, you win!!!!
Teams will be RANDOMLY DRAWN! Payouts for 2nd and 3rd as well.

8) MLB Prediction Pool. ($25).
Think you know baseball??? Then you will love this:
You will predict the playoff teams, the World Series teams, the Champions, the Cy Young winners, and the MVP winners. You will also predict some(not all) players you'll see in the all-star game and golden glove winners. OH...and there's the Rookie of the Year.......who you think the worst team will be.....what guy you think will hit the MOST home runs. etc.......

oh and there's going to be even big ones like......who's gonna get busted for Steroids and who's going to miss more than 100 games this season due to injury.

All kinds of fun questions (50 of them) to test your baseball knowledge. Points for each question will be assigned on each question based on difficulty.

You will be able to see everyone's pick prior to the season.

and my big golf one!

9) Major's Madness ($100). For each of the four majors, you will pick 6 guys from 6 different tiers. There will be payouts for each tournament and the overall cumulative winners.
100 may seem a lot ....but it's really only $25 each tourney.

If you are going to do multiple pools, I'm going to ask you to pay at once. I'm going to use PayPal (Except for 100 dollar Bracket and Golf) for now because these aren't big pots. So be aware of that.

Refer your friends.....that goes a long ways with me trusting you in the future. (as well as paying earlier)

email michiganct@gmail.com if interested

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