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Spike TV's The Mist series

Just finished binge-watching the debut season of The Mist, loosely modeled after the Steven King short story. My neighbor is allowing me the use one of his 4 Netflix user accounts under his subscription, beginning yesterday, so this series was the first that I chose. It started out a bit slow-developing, and I didn't care for the christianity tilt in a RC church at first, b/c I was concerned that the storyline was gonna veer entirely into the faithful heros emerging victorious over the evil mist in battles. But that is not what followed.

Although this series had a few holes in its plot, I liked it more and more as it moved from episode to episode, to a Hitchcockian season-ending scene at a train depot. Unfortunately that is how it will remain, b/c Paramount, who bought Spike TV, has cancelled the series and there was no second season.

The series had many anti-heroes, and dealt with some issues which are still controversial nowadays, namely interracial relationships, religious dogma, out of wedlock pregnancies, rape, and homosexuality. Very disappointed that it was discontinued, esp b/c the mist was unlimited in the horrors that it could produce, unlike the Walking Dead, where only the stiill living could be used malignantly and nefariously, besides the undead.

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