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Rahk only shot 100%. What a bum

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Didn't catch any of this one. Sounds like they were sluggish out of the gate which isn't surprising given the holiday break and long layover between games.

I was just looking at the schedule and didn't realize just how weak the Big Ten was overall. Only MSU and Purdue are ranked. Michigan has a decent chance to finish top 4 in the conference if they play well.
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I dvr'd it. WIll save it for when I have insomnia

sounds like it was sloppy. Win by 50? Who cares? win by 25? ahhhh something is wrong

whatever. Delete it from memory...stupid game to play

Yep, Seems like (again seems like, I could be wrong. it happens) that Michigan and MN will be battling it out for 3rd, which is not bad.
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