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Also, not letting Winston off the hook but Deshaun Thrower looked good, former mr basketball who had to have a ton of motivation in this game.

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Went to the game Sunday. Fun event. Team played well defensively. Maten for UGA is a force, really good scorer.

Jackson got into foul trouble and wasn't a factor. Langford and McQuaid shot better. Winston runs the offense really well and is a much improved shooter. Winston's D is suspect. Bridges first step is really improved and he's basically unstoppable when he turns the corner. Ward is a force and we need to run the offense through him.

Schilling is still foul prone, but he's playing good ball, has really improved on offense and is built like a tank. Carter got into the game too and looked serviceable. Tillman hustles and is a big body.

Kenny Goins is going to play a lot, he's improved a lot and his athleticism is good now that he's finally healthy. He has a nice stop and pop 12 footer that he's going to get open looks at whenever he goes to that spot.
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It seems like Jackson in Year 1 will be everything we hoped Deyonta Davis could have been in Year 2. This team has all the parts up front. A wide-bodied polished scorer in Ward, a versatile, long, talented freshmen who can protect the rim, an experienced sub in Schilling that most teams would kill for, and even more depth beyond that.

Reports of Winston still struggling on D are not encouraging but I am hoping that between him and Tum we should still be alright overall at that spot and just ride whoever's skills are more needed at the time.

McQuaid and Langford make me a little nervous. Langford made a good pct last year but was not aggressive in looking for his shot and it remains to be seen if he can handle more volume. McQuaid was horribly inconsistent and needs to improve. If those guys can't get it done, we will see nothing but zone all year long.
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