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Simpson hitting threes is nice, but he needs to be WIDE open to hit them. The one he missed is when he had to shoot a bit more quickly because the defender was closing. His shot comes off awkward in those situations and that miss wasn't even close. I love what Simpson brings on the defensive end and he's a damn good passer, but his shot is always going to be a struggle because of his height and form.

Livers looks physically ready, but he's not doing much when on the floor. Hopefully it clicks for him this year. Freshman can struggle in this offense.

Matthews is awesome. Love his mid-range game and his ability to elevate over defenders to get short jumpers in the lane.

Teske is moving much better this year. Could be a very solid rim protector. Has a nice touch on his free throws.

I agree Simmons will be good for us. He's still getting comfortable in the offense right now. Hope Ibi comes around and can help with bench scoring as well.

"Referees are a sub-human species that is hell-bent on destroying the good and fun in everything" - Aristotle

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