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Originally Posted by brewer229 View Post
Well it was a slightly different game in 2001-2006. There wasn't a single year that Tom Brady didn't finish in the top 10 in QB rating.
It's just flat out easier to play QB now.

In 2001 there was 1 QB with a 100+ rating (Warner at 101.4)
There were only 5 QBs above 90.

This year there is 6 QBs over 100 and 17 over 90 rating.

So a statistically average QB now, would have been a statistically top 5 QB 16 years ago.

I'll take the best QB in the league over the best coach in the league.
I can't argue with that. But over the long term, coaching has a massive affect on a players career… Especially the quarterback position. I don't think Tom Brady is a five-time Super Bowl winner if he gets drafted by Cleveland.

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Originally Posted by Mitchrapp View Post
Been saying for a long time. It's almost like they're afraid of the INT. It's okay to have 15-18 INT if you're getting 40 TD's. Like 2011, that guy becomes a potential hall of fame guy. Not an Alex Smith guy.

Last 6 years, including 2017, only 1 season he has 30+ TD. We don't have the defense to win with an Alex Smith type QB.
I'm not saying that. But his game changed. He was gunslinger and then turned into a check down QB. And that's what he is for the most part. It's much easier to defend a QB like that. Sure they get these nice passer ratings but in the end that's all they get.
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