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Originally Posted by tomdalton22 View Post
maybe more people are coming to the realization that the experience of being at a stadium (given the cost and effort) just isn't worth it. Just watch it on TV.
I love sports. Haven't been to a Pistons games since 1990. Red Wings game since 1997 (I'd go to check out the new stadium now). Lions game since 2002 (got free tickets and wanted to see Ford Field). Tigers game 2013 (nephew wanted everyone to go for his birthday).

It's just not a better experience for me to go see it in person....especially a football game. You miss more than you do if you are just watching on tv. Not worth all of the hassle or money to be at the game live. I'd rather either sit home or go to a bar and watch.

BTW the game I went to in 2002 was the Lions vs. the Cowboys. Lions won 9-7. It is still the worst football game I have ever seen in my life. That includes pee wee football or junior high. Both teams combined for 19 punts. It was just awful football.

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