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Originally Posted by Polish-Hammer View Post
Going off the 2014 survey from the US army approximately 25% of all US army personnel suffer from mental illness.

Are you telling me all 25% are restricted from holding firearms?

Take for example Audie Murphy the most decorated US soldier.

He suffered from PTSD greatly by the time he was discharged.

And we all know the screening for recruits is so great that nobody with a mental illness could ever get into the army, let alone, get armed.

this study says 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness. Your study says 1 in 4 Army soldiers suffer from mental illness so it isn't too far off from the national numbers.


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Originally Posted by tinselwolverine View Post
My wife and I were at that Rose Bowl, 2007. Now, was the brother's girlfriend the same beautiful and enchanting woman we both met when we met up with you a couple years ago in Marina Del Rey?
no, he's only been dating his current girlfriend for about 3 years now. In 2007 he was dating a girl in her mid 20s - I think she was from St. Louis.
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