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Two walks and a back tweak

(1,063) carrer walks now moves past Harold Bains (1,062) into 95th all time walks

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This will be the first season since 2008 (.292) that Miggy has been under .300 batting average which he has only done 3 times in his career. His first season was his lowest at .268 and then next season was .294. Then the next 11 out of 12 years he was over .300. This will probably be his lowest average in his career unless he can get hot and get over his first season total. Just a amazing HOF career and I hope he bounces back next season.

Play Peters !!!!!

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HR and 2 RBIs for miggy today first game back from 6 game suspension for fighting punching lettuces brother

HR was carrer #461 tying him back up with Beltre at 37th all time one more to catch Adam Dunn and Jose Canseco (462)

Carrer Rbi's 1,611 and 1,612 now tied with goose goslin at 35th all time 11 more needed to catch chipper jones at 34th (1,623)

9th inning single was his 1,603 carrer single moving him up to #155 tied with Joe Kelley and Jack Glasscock

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Old 09-14-2017, 04:13 PM   #84
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Miggy with career home run #462 today ties him up at 35th all time with Adam Dunn and Jose Canseco. well, will call it 35th for now as Beltre is still gumming up works here right behind him at 461 now that could change with each day. 3 more to catch Dave Winfield at 34th.

5 total bases on the day which ties him up with Cap Anson at 44th all time total bases (4592) Billy Willams at 43rd with (4599)

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Old 10-02-2017, 01:37 PM   #85
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OK so here we are at the end of the 2017 season and here are the year-end totals


Ends 2017 tied with Beltre at 35th all time, 462 career Home Runs moved up 5 spots on the all-time leaderboard in the year 2017. 3 more to catch Dave Winfield at 34th


35th all time, 1,613 total career +10 spots on the all-time leaderboard for the year 10 more to catch Chipper Jones at 34th

Batting Ave

-14 After a down year, Miggy moved from 48th all time down to 62nd now at .3168 career batting ave.


+16 moved up 16 spots in 2017 finished the year at 2,636 career hits 3 more to catch Jim O'Rourke at 79th all time. 242 more to become all-time hits leader for a Velenzulan born player. Omar Vizquel (2,877)


+13 At 545 career doubles 33rd all time. Two more to catch Manny Ramirez at 32nd all time

Extra Base Hits

+9 spots on the year, 1,024 total extra-base hits, good enough for 33rd all time, 4 more to catch Frank Thomas at 32nd all time.


+49 spots on the all-time leaderboard in 2017, 1,612 total career singles, first one next year catches Joe Medwick at 150th all time.


+18 spots on the year, 1,065 career walks 4 more to catch Bernie Williams at 93rd all time

Total Bases

+12 on the all-time list for the year, 4,601 total bases career 3 more to catch Harold Bains at 42nd all time.

Runs Scored

+17 spots in 2017, 1,371 career runs scored 2 more to catch Andre Dawson at 101 all time.

Games Played

136th all-time +53 spots, 2,226 total games played

On Base Percentage

Down 14 spots this year to 78th all-time with a career OBP of .3949

Slugging Percentage

Down 10 spots in 2017 to 24th all time, Carrer Slugging % now .5529

Intentional Base on Balls

+1 spot in 2017 to 9th all time, 226 career intentional walks. First one next year ties Willie Stargell at 8th all time.


Up 20 spots in 2017 to 39th all-time most times struck out. 1,626 times career


+4 spots in 2017 now at 13th all-time GIDP's (294) Rusty Staub & Brooks Robinson 3 ahead of him at 12th all time (297)

Get Well Miggy and come back strong in 2018 hopefully.

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The Miguel Cabrera trade was 10 years ago today.
Celebrate a decade of Miggy!

How does the Miguel Cabrera trade look in hindsight?
10 years later, letís look at the prospects Trader Dave sent away.
"Baseball was one-hundred percent of my life". Ty Cobb.
"People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring". Rogers Hornsby.
"From 1955 to my retirement, the best All-Around Player in the American League was Al Kaline". Mickey Mantle.
"Kaline in my book is the greatest righthanded hitter in the league". Ted Williams.
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