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Originally Posted by turok View Post
Until/unless Trump releases his tax-returns, he is a 6x BK credit multi-millionaire professionally, and merely a millionaire asset-wise personally, until proven-demonstrated otherwise.
The estimates I saw could be way off of course, but I haven't seen estimates that suggest that he's beat the market. And there are enough stories that suggest that he kept up with the market, not by making good speculative calls or providing value to the market, but by screwing people over, breaking deals, sewing people not wealthy enough to defend themselves...

The guy is just another cancer that capitalism works in spite of, not because of.
Don't blame me; I voted for Kodos.

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Originally Posted by biggunsbob View Post
Who is the PR person for this clown . Wtf was he thinking ?

This is an article about reaction with a still from the video featured...not the video itself.

I'd want to see the video.

Is the cartoon character Rachel in the video supposed to represent the fictional Rachel Green, who was portrayed by Jennifer Anniston in the iconic sit com Friends?

If so, I'd say that was a good choice.
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Originally Posted by Gulo Blue View Post
Elon Musk thinks we are already. A sufficiently advanced civilization will create whole world/universe simulations and if AI is capable of consciousness, they will be indistinguishable from the real world. As the simulated civilizations advance, they too will create simulations. In time, simulations will run thousands and millions of levels deep. Since you can't tell if you're in the actual "base reality" world or in a simulation, you never know, but the odds of being the first one out of millions is pretty slim.

I have to agree and it begs the real question just how many levels deep are we now!? We might actually be frail grey aliens living in a virtual world

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