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Anyone have a kindle

Originally Posted by [color=#006400
Mitch[/color]]Also, I should note, not sure about all but a know the kindle touch isn't great with PDF's.
I've got a Kindle DX specifically because I read pdfs that have charts. 95% of the time, I wish I had a smaller kindle...or more likely, one of the sony ereaders. If the issue is two column pdfs, some of the sony readers have a great two column pdf mode. It zooms in on a quarter of the page at a time and as you hit the page forward button, it goes top left-> bottom left -> top right -> bottom right.

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Anyone have a kindle

Between my wife and myself we have:
A Kindle Reader (Wife's)
An Ad supported Kindle reader (Mine)
A Kindle Fire Tablet (Wife's)
iPad 2 (Mine)

For just reading the Kindle readers are better for battery life, dealing with sunlight/glare, cheaper, and smaller. We spend a lot of time outside so I use my Kindle a lot. The ad supported version is cheaper and is a pretty good deal. The ads do not interrupt reading or anything.

The Kindle Fire and iPad are better for reading in the dark and are just generally more useful.
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Anyone have a kindle

I bought the Nook touch last winter, though I bought it so I could read outside on the deck when it got warmer. With today's great day, I read outside a bit and its freakin' awesome. I can see everything clearly unlike my tablet which is basically useless outside. And I got it for $69 :-) .
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