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thumbs up Free online streams links.

Here are some places to get free streaming broadcasts of sports games, movies, and TV shows.

[example: select the TV2 dropdown menu, click the baseball link and you will see: Which has the individual game links]

This stream is full of movies, TV shows, PPV events, etc. I use this to watch all those cable series I can't get, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, etc.

Nothing is needed to download on any of these sites, except some of the primewire links will require a Divx plugin/player to run (Divx is not malware).

I highly recommend using an adblocker on your browser when using any of these sites, as they are funded by Ads and lots of them.
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Great idea Thumb, Thanks!!
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Firstrow is what I use for Merican Football, for International Football and baseball I use http://www.usagoals.me/
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Anyone interested in WWE PPV events: removed
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where can i stream Jim Price and Dan Dickerson? Tigers Radio? possible?
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I would post more in the game threads, but the live Linux OS that I am solely relegated to using right now (Fatdog 64) being a just bit too uncommon (defaults to an older version of the Seamonkey browser that cannot be upgraded to the latest version or be updated to the most recent Adobe Flash version that is also Linux-compatible). Also, the WiFi connection (that I hacked into and soon cracked its WEP-encrypted signal) being just a bit too slow means that I cannot watch the games even when they are being streamed online.

For some strange reason this is the ONLY Linux OS that I have that will allow me to successfully connect to the hacked wireless signal, despite my having many different Linux-Unix distros burned onto rewritable disks and thumbdrives. It has a very advanced networking wizard, which may be reason that none of the others that I have tried will readily connect.

I also have an OEM disk containing Windows 7 Pro X64, but for some reason, I have been unable to install it, keep getting BSOD crashes and incompleted installs. There is no internet connection available while the install is ongoing, thus no updates are being downloaded and included, which might also be causing the OS to fail. The Shuttle PC has an AMD 64 CPU and chipset,

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I would like to announce that I do live Play-by-Plays of most Detroit sporting events including Tigers, Lions and Pistons... go to facebook.com/misportsbeat and youtube.com/misportsbeat for more info please... it is designed for those who cannot watch it on tv or get it on the radio... get at me for more info.

also I will be doing game 5 of the ALCS Thursday if anyone is interested in hearing it... you can listen to the archived version of game one on the youtube page to know how it sounds
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Originally Posted by KRINKLE View Post
where can i stream Jim Price and Dan Dickerson? Tigers Radio? possible?
971theticket.com you can stream 97.1 or 1270 depending on what channel they are on.
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