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Originally Posted by Monster View Post
respect for not forgetting shit you learned in middle school.
I'll take it.

Along with the knowledge that I am.....for now.....smarter than a 5th grader.

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Can we not imbed Youtube? I thought we could?
"When you start to feel sad, always remember to stop being a little bitch and no one cares."

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Originally Posted by sggatecl View Post

Can we not imbed Youtube? I thought we could?
At one time you could. Stopped working. I think I remember Admin saying it effected the site too much so it was removed.
Trying to sneak a pitch past Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak a sunrise past a Rooster -- Joe Adcock

What are we at the park for except to win? I'd trip my mother. I'd help her up, brush her off, tell her I'm sorry. But mother don't make it to third -- Leo Durocher

The NFL can kiss my ass!!
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