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Originally Posted by Sbee View Post
IL is a different animal, they overplay everything to get steals. That means that they get a lot (over 18 per game) but they give up a bunch of easy looks at the basket via backdoor cuts. We had a lot of both, if they played more of a traditional pack line type D to take away the interior post, we would have had a lot fewer turnovers but not shot as well, pick your poison. I don't think you can look at one stat without looking at the other.

also, JJJ draft stock has to be through the roof.
Yeah, 21-11 with 6 blocks and several dribble drive shots was impressive. He will go top 6 or 7, maybe as high as 4th.

He played angry last night and was on another level. He's also a lot stronger than his frame suggests. And call me crazy, but he may have gotten taller this year alone, dude looks a legit 7 feet, and with that wingspan, he's a total mismatch. And he is an absolute monster defensively, he switched on guards over and over and they did nothing against him, he's took quick and too long.

He just turned 18 a few months ago, and his family is already multi millionaires. Based on that, before the season I was thinking we had a chance for him to return for a 2nd season. But after watching him, no way should or will he come back. Kid could be the next Greek Freak, his skill set is sick.
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