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Originally Posted by MSUMatt28 View Post
They're 22-3 in the weakest Big Ten in years with only 2 quality OOC wins (and Notre Dame probably doesn't count now since their inevitable slide has occurred with Colson out).

They've also had a Big Ten schedule front-loaded with home games. So if they're burned out now, 4 of the final 6 are on the road. It won't get easier.

So based on all that it's difficult to say if the team is making progress or not. They still have the potential to go far, but not if they're going to have games in the tournament where they turn it over 25 times or give up 25 offensive rebounds.
The only two good big ten teams they played they've lost to, it's hard to even say that they are beating the teams they should since they have a lot more talent than the teams they lost to in conference play.

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