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Originally Posted by gotime909 View Post
I just really don't want Bridges there. I just don't think he has the ball skills to excel there and settles on his mediocre jumper far too often. Get him back around the basket where he can use his amazing athleticism. It really makes me question Izzo when i here him say he wants to see Bridges shoot even more. Like what the fuck is the guy watching?????
I think in the short term our best lineup would be with Miles at the 4 and either JJ or Ward coming off the bench. This would be easier if we had Aherns or a little more depth at the wing, we could always play Tum and Winston together for a stretch as well.

This team just needs to get a little tougher, they're a mess right now, the better team won on Saturday as much as I hate to say it. We don't have a Draymond/Walton type who is going to get in someones face and hold them accountable, Tum is a leader but a leader who only gets 12 minutes a game, not someone you turn to at crunch time. Too many nice guys on this team right now.

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Originally Posted by Spartanmack View Post
btw, now our soft B1G schedule probably hurts us even more. It will be harder to tell if this team is improving with just Purdue and Indiana left as the only teams with winning records in conference so far and Indiana is the only decent team we play twice - the rest are wisco, ill, maryland and rutgers.

It's pretty amazing that just 10 days ago we were worried that we'd be 16-2 and untested in B1G play.
I was on the fence but I was wondering who could stay withing 15 points of us.. Weve been getting everyones best game to boot but that was expected. The turnovers were getting better until recently. Back to the drawing board there.

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