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Originally Posted by MSUMatt28 View Post
I thought it was the Michigan defense that won the game that day. They locked up MSU's attack pretty effectively, especially in the second half. That and fighting to a standstill on the boards.
Yeah, it was one of those days where you could "see" Michigan wanted it more. Just as I felt the exact opposite the other day against Nebraska lol. You could tell Michigan couldn't wait to get home.

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Originally Posted by johnny2x2x View Post
MSU is 13th in the nation in 3 point shooting. UM is 92nd. We have better shooters than they do. It was just one of those games. UM shot better than they usually do. They also his their first 22 FTs when they had been shooting 60% from the line as a team.
Surprised we are that high and they are that low. Could be the benefit of some atrocious opponents in December.

Also, Tum has only shot 8 threes all season, thereís not enough of a sample size to indicate he has improved, because from every game Iíve watched it hasnít improved an ounce in 4 years.
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Originally Posted by dubbsco View Post
Please stop. I know it's in my nature to not post on your board, but I'm just tired of seeing this. You guys probably will end up as a better team when this season is over, but Michigan, top to bottom, was better that day. Quit acting like it was some fluke. Michigan shot like 42 percent or something from the field, and it was horrible the majority of the game until the 2nd half.
Michigan was clearly the better team that day and may still be right now. There was only one flukish aspect of the victory that you could point to if you're MSU and I'd say that's the free throw shooting. If a team ranked 13th in the big ten comes in and makes their first 19 to build a sizeable lead, you can say that's a bit of a fluke, at least from a MSU perspective. If a team shoots well from the floor or rebounds well, the opposition has a chance to impact that, there's no free throw line defense that you can employ. Considering that, it does play into the fact that UM was better that day, they were a poor free throw shooting team previously, but not that day.
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