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I might have to change my thinking on HFCS. I haven't found a comparison between HFCS and regular sugar with regard to addiction and I'm skeptical of some of the language I've seen with the addiction claim. You can make a lot of things addictive.


This Princeton study claims that rats with access to water sweetened with HFCS gained more weight than rats with access to water sweetened with sucrose. The explanation that I find compelling is that in sucrose, fructose molecules are bound to glucose molecules while in HFCS they are unbound. A metabolic step is required to free the molecules. Even if that step is low energy, I would assume it would take time. I'm going to risk saying something wrong here, but I think bound molecules and extra metabolic steps is the basic difference between complex carbohydrates and simple sugars, which every diabetic knows has a huge impact on how the body deals with them. If HFCS is an even simpler simple sugar, then it makes sense that it has a different impact on the body. I still believe a calorie is a calorie with regard to weight gain, but a person can manage hunger with fewer calories if they come from complex carbohydrates rather than simple sugars.
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I remember reading that the body metabolized it differently.

my understanding of the bigger issue with high fructose corn syrup (aka Republican Sugar), was that it was so cheap relative to the cost of actual sugar, that it encouraged food manufacturers to add excessive amounts of it to all sorts of things that never had it before, and don't need it (e.g ketchup, or catsup as some call it), provoking sugar addiction and weight gain.
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