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OT your first game

With it being summer and this board being totally dead I figured I'd start a random thread to get the football juices flowing a bit.

What was the first college football game you ever attended? Mine was in 2001 against Mizzou, it was rescheduled to the first week of December due to 9/11 the week of the original date. We absolutely destroyed them, won by like 40+ and clinched a bowl game too I believe with the win. Being that I was only 9 I remember very little other than going with my dad and it being cold/rainy the whole game if I recall correctly. I do somehow remember that Mizzou had a punt go for actual negative yardage which I don't think I've ever seen again.

Michigan fans are welcome to chime in as well for their first, or if yours was CMU, WMU, EMU etc that's fine too.

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