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5 seniors in the 44 man 2 deep

Cooper, Frey, Brian Allen, Holmes, and Shane Jones. That is it, we return every other contributor on offense and defense and all specialists too. Heck, we had only 4 juniors starting Saturday night too, so 2 years from now both sides of the ball will largely be intact.

And we are developing some real depth. Smith and Butler are very good back up corners. Thompson and Simmons look to be future beasts at LB, Thompson flashes like he could be better than Frey by the end of the season. We have 4 very good DTs rotating. The emergence of David Dowell is huge for safety depth as Morrisey is decent as a back up. Willis is a plus safety now too. Brandon Randle is a monster and will play some DE and some LB going forward.

On offense, we have 6 really good and young WRs. O line depth is really good and it's nice seeing Gianacakos getting PT as the jumbo TE in running situations. Matt Allen is in the roatation. Jarvis played well enough as a true freshman RG. Campbell looks like he's going to be a monster 4 year starter at RT. Jordan Reid has been able to play as a true frosh on the O line. Connor Heyward saw the ball this weekend as a RB, he's going to be good. We hae 3 TEs who we trust to play. I'd like to win some games by a lot so DeWeaver can get some snaps at QB.

Future is really bright right now. Going into the season it was apparent we had some talent, but it was so young. As a fan I wondered who the next stars might be. You need stars to win titles. Bachie is already a star right now, he's an All Big Ten 1st team guy in year 2. David Dowell is a ball hawk who tackles well, looks to be a stud for the future. Josiah Scott is playing at an All American level as a true freshman, he's scary good. Justin Layne is a very good corner too. Raquan Williams, Naquan Jones, and Mike Panasiuk are all young studs who are going to be nightmares for opposing O lines to handle. You see more top end talent across the defense. Offensively, have to like the WRs, I think LJ Scott returns now. Chewins and Campbell are solid OTs and Chewins is among the best at pass pro for tackles in the country, he adds 15 lbs and the NFL scouts will start to projexct him very high in the draft. And Lewerke is still really young and could be a more mobile version of Conor Cook.

Who has it better than us? 8 out of 10!

Our starters not next year, but in 2019 could be:
LT Chewins
LG Higby
C Matt Allen
RG Jarvis
RT Campbell
RB ?
TE Dotson
WR Stewart
WR Jackson
WR Nelson/Rison
QB Lewerke

DE Randle
DT R Williams
DT Panasiuk / Naquan Jones
DE Willekes
LB Simmons
MLB Bachie
LB Thompson
CB Josiah Scott
S David Dowell
S Dom Long
CB Layne

That's basically the same team we fielded Saturday, not 1, but 2 seasons from now. And who knows which young guys will break into the lineup. That is insane.

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