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Kerby Joseph says his hip is '10 times better now', ready for more INTs


Legion of Fans
Feb 11, 2024
Lions safety Kerby Joseph struggled in the second half of his second season in Detroit. A nagging hip injury inhibited his range and ability to make plays on the ball the way he did in his prolific rookie season. Of 64 safeties who logged at least 300 snaps from Week 9 through Week 18, Joseph’s overall PFF grade of 57.2 ranked 49th. His tackling and coverage grades were even lower.

During the season, Joseph didn’t complain about the hip injury. He wasn’t listed on the weekly injury report either, but something just wasn’t right about how Joseph’s energetic play declined down the stretch last season. He had surgery shortly after the postseason and, true to his word, should be ready for Lions training camp in two weeks.

He joined “The Insiders” program on NFL Network on Tuesday and provided a glowing update on his progress.

“Oh, for sure. That hip ain’t nothing,” Joseph told . “Last year, I played through the injury. It was there, but I feel 10 times better now, so I just can’t wait to get out there with the guys.”

Joseph is ready to get back to his rookie form, when he picked off four passes and allowed a QB Rating of just 57.1 when targeted. He famously picked off Aaron Rodgers’ last pass as a Green Bay Packer, and Joseph declared he’s ready for more of those types of heroics in 2024.

“Everybody on the hit list,” Joseph said. “Every quarterback I go against. ‘Cause it’s amazing to catch an interception in the NFL. It’s just big. It’s a big moment. Going against Aaron Rodgers, catching interceptions against him, that’s just big. I just want them all.”

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