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NBA Scores


Cam’tn Crunch
Mar 22, 2021
Nashville Sounds
Cleveland Cavaliers
Nashville Kats
Pittsburgh Steelers
Nashville Predators
Tampa Bay Rays
Nashville SC
Vanderbilt Commodores
Just a place to post NBA scores that don't involve the Pistons.
Cavs lost to Bulls 132-123 in double overtime last night. DeRozan played out of his mind.
Hawks beat Cavs today 112-101.
After a really rough game against the Heat, the Cavs rebounded against the Hornets beating them 115-92.
Cavs beat 76ers 117-114 yesterday.
Lebron and the Lakers lost to the Timberwolves 127-117 last night.
Lakers and Pelicans play tonight. 7th seed vs 8th seed. I assume winner gets stuck playing Denver, so that kind of sucks.