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NHL Scores


Cam’tn Crunch
Mar 22, 2021
Nashville Sounds
Cleveland Cavaliers
Nashville Kats
Pittsburgh Steelers
Nashville Predators
Tampa Bay Rays
Nashville SC
Vanderbilt Commodores
Feel free to share scores of games that don’t involve the Red Wings!
Preds beat Senators 4-1 at home on Tuesday night. Play at home tonight as well.
Leafs beat Sabres 2-1 this evening.
Meant to post this wacky game! 7-6 final in overtime win for the Stars

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Preds beat Kraken 4-1 yesterday! Been on a roll lately.
Dallas managed to beat the Kings 4-1 on the night Mike Modano's statue was unveiled :)

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Preds beat Sharks 8-2 on Tuesday night.
Coyotes whooped the Preds on Thursday. 8-4. Yuck.
Preds are currently beating the Blues 3-1
Close standings...Dallas could wrap up the Central Division with a win, still a shot at the President's Trophy, too.