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  • I am sure most everyone but you knew what I meant by midterms..And yet you post the crap you do and believe it...You welch on bets. i could care less what you think about me and yes i do believe if the republicans keep acting like you and other republicans they are going to get blasted in the mid terms..You did not see the writing on the wall for Mittens and I am sure you and the republicans will not see it coming in the midterms. Keep on being the party of no and sooner or later there will not be any of you left.America and the world need your party to break up.. Your nothing but a fool and the whole board pretty much knows it... Don't make bets you can't pay...
    The board is better off without you.... 380+ filibusters is fact... Your party hates America and they want to see Obama fail. You know it and WHITE AMERICAs like you are Racists and can't stand that a black guy is president. Just look at McConnell's words.Pay your bets you make.

    Came across the "Who Likes Euchre" thread (last post 2011) in the Junk forum and wanted to share this with you.

    If you, friends, family, co-workers, etc. would be interested - PLEASE email us at [email protected] ASAP so we can add to the headcount list and make sure we have enough food, tables, etc.

    Long story short, WSDP's had its funding cut drastically by the district in recent years and fundraisers like this are pivotal to meeting our day to day operation costs. Guys like John Kreger (WDFN), Denny Kapp (WDFN), Mike Wickett (WTKA in Ann Arbor) are all grads of the program.

    Thanks again for sharing it and considering coming yourself!
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