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  • Hey, you all right? AWOL? Throw me something over heah.
    Hey guy. I hope your Lentin retreat was Spiritually fulfillingly. ’ll look for you on the board.
    It was a nice hiatus. Total social media and internet blackout, save what I needed to do at work. No television. I'm working back in slowly and may never return to X. I also drove the speed limit for Lent, among other mortifications. That was perhaps the most challenging one of all.
    Jeff: FYI ... I'm not on Twitter these days. Too much of a time suck and the content is soul-sickening. Much rather spend those minutes doing other things and I'm better for it. Byron
    Hey ... I see you say you see "Twitters" once in a while ... what's your handle? Mine is Paratum cor meum, Deus.
    Another round of Exodus 90 starts Monday. No social or unnecessary online stuff until after Easter. I am pretty much disengaged from media and TV anyway. But I need another hermitic dose of God and little else. If I don?t return at all, don?t be surprised. If you want to communicate offline after Easter, shoot me an email. [email protected] DSM Comedy in the subject line for ID sake, since it will end up in my spam folder.
    NYD I?m going off all social media through Easter. FYI. A resolution and another Exodus 90 stint. It?s needed.


    Came across the "Who Likes Euchre" thread (last post 2011) in the Junk forum and wanted to share this with you.

    Here's a copy of our promotional flyer:

    Here's the details:

    When: Friday, October 12th... Registration 6:00p-6:45p

    Where: Salem High School - 46181 Joy Rd. Canton, MI 48187

    Cost: $30/person gets you into the prize pool (Top 10 Finishers get paid), Complementary Snacks (includes Pizza), non-alcoholic drinks, and a shot at a door prize which is a signed football by a Detroit Lions player

    Please share this with any other friends, family, and co-workers of yours that play euchre!

    Long story short, WSDP's had its funding cut drastically by the district in recent years and fundraisers like this are pivotal to meeting our day to day operation costs.

    Thanks again for sharing it and considering coming yourself!
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