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Chicks Born with Dicks and the Human Drama of Athletic Competition

Trigger warning - anti-trans bigotry and possible micro & macro-aggresssions. Read at your own risk sgg...

Trans high school athlete injures 3 opponents in the first half of a Vermont girls high school basketball game. Coach for the opposition forfeits before the 2nd half earning a ban from competition for HIS school. In a deliciously ironic statement the Vermont Principal's (principal, not principle since they obviously have no principles) Association declared:

"Mid-Vermont Christian School has every right to teach its beliefs to its own students. It cannot, however, impose those beliefs on students from other public and private schools; deny students from other schools the opportunity to play; or hurt students from other schools because of who those students are,"

So apparently demanding boys can be girls (and should compete against girls, occupy girls only spaces, etc despite the science and common sense telling us that's simply false), isn't imposing your beliefs on others. You have to be pretty dumb not to see the absurdity in that statement. The best part is the last line where they say it's the people who forfeited so they wouldn't have any more of their players injured who are the ones who "hurt students from other schools."
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That thing that never happens seems to be happening all the time now...

Trans identifying male wins girls 400m dash state championship in Washington and in Oregon a trans idenitfying dude won the girls 200 and took 2nd in the girls 400. Move along, nothing to see here because as has been said every time, this is so rare, it's not even an issue.