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FA Cup 5th round Draw


Aug 6, 2011
4th round cup draw

Down to the last 32 teams.

Watford v Southampton

Blackburn Rovers v Wrexham

Bournemouth v Swansea City

West Brom v Brentford/Wolves

West Ham/Bristol City v Nottingham Forest/Blackpool

Leicester City v Hull City/ Birmingham City

Sheffield Wednesday v Coventry City

Chelsea v Aston Villa

Ipswich Town v Maidstone United

Liverpool v Norwich City/Bristol Rovers

Tottenham v Man City

Leeds United v Plymouth Argyle

Crystal Palace/Everton v Luton Town/Bolton

Newport County/Eastleigh v Wigan/Man Utd

Sheff Utd v Brighton

Fulham v Newcastle United

The matches will take place over the weekend of 27-28 January.
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5th round fa cup draw. Last 16 teams.

Match Date Time (GMT)
Blackburn vs. Newcastle United..Final 1-1. Newcastle advances on Penalties 4-3.
Chelsea vs. Leeds……………………. Wednesday.
Bournemouth vs. Leicester City ….LC wins 1-0 Final in Extra Time.
Liverpool vs. Southampton…..Wednesday.
Nott. Fo. vs. Man United…………Wednesday.
Wolves vs. Brighton & HA………Wednesday.
Coventry vs. Maidstone………………..….Coventry Wins 5-0 Final.
Luton Town vs. Manchester City….MC wins 6-2 Final.
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Advanced to FA Cup quarterfinals.
Coventry City.
Leicester City.
Manchester City.
Newcastle Untied.