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Cam’tn Crunch
Mar 22, 2021
Nashville Sounds
Cleveland Cavaliers
Nashville Kats
Pittsburgh Steelers
Nashville Predators
Tampa Bay Rays
Nashville SC
Vanderbilt Commodores
Hi guys, here is the first introduction topic in this new forum. You guys know me a little bit by now, but I'll go ahead an introduce myself.

My name is Cameron, and I am a 27 year old based in Nashville, TN. I am an avid sports fans, just like you guys. I find myself watching all sorts of different games, but I especially enjoy watching NFL and NBA. It doesn't matter what team it is, if it's on, I'm watching it. Seldom do I miss Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, etc... Even if it's Jacksonville and Carolina playing, I'll watch it, and then I'll just gripe about how much the teams suck.

I grew up rooting for the Steelers, and NOT the Titans. I have no problem rooting for the Titans, but they weren't around until a little bit less than 30 years ago, so my family became diehard Steeler fans long before they came to Nashville. Needless to say, they picked up the Steelers when they were good back in the 70s, so there's that. I guess it all comes from jumping onto a bandwagon, but hey, it was 50 years ago.

Beyond that, I certainly root for my hometown teams. I don't religiously watch, but I try to catch a Preds game, a Sounds game, and a Nashville SC game each year. Vandy is who I root for most of all though, and I'd say that's an abusive relationship. I take pride in attending games where my team gets blown out and I'm one of the few folks still left sitting in the bleachers until the very end.... But at least we have baseball!

I also root for the Rays and Cavs. I became a Rays fan when Vandy alum David Price went there many years ago, and I've stuck with them since then. As a franchise, I like how they operate. They are such a poor team, but they find a way to be competitive each year. They are the REAL Moneyball team these days. Sometimes that sucks though. When you see them trade guys like Longo, it's hard. Then there's the Cavs. Picked them up during the LeBron era, and now I've really been following them since they drafted Garland (another Vandy alum) a couple years ago.

Outside of sports, I'm a computer nerd for sure. I enjoy creating and managing a number of different websites, especially forums. This hobby dates all the way back to 2008 when I was on a website called UpperDeckKids. I'm not sure if anyone is particularly familiar with it, but it was back when Upper Deck cards had codes on the back of them that we could enter online and earn prizes with. There was a forum on there as well, and I made all sorts of connections back then. We formed our own little clique, and we eventually created a sports forum over on ProBoards. That was called Cmt (my initials, but I never did all caps for some reason) Sports Forum. Anyway, I wanted to note that, because it seems this forum also has ProBoards roots, so that's quite the coincidence. I wonder if our paths ever crossed back then, and I just don't recall. There's no telling.

Anyway, that's me.