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Welcome to Detroit Sports Forum!

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It's awesome to have you as a member of our community! Founded in 2011, Detroit Sports Forum strives to be the #1 hub for all things Detroit Sports, including our Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, Wolverines, Spartans, and more. We live and breathe Detroit sports, and we hope you do as well. If you are new to this forum, you may have a lot of questions. This topic is where we will provide a boat load of information for our new users who may need assistance in getting accustomed to the different features that we offer.

Thanks for supporting DSF!

Table of Contents
  1. Save your favourite topics with Bookmarks!
  2. Adding your favourite team to your profile!
  3. Using +Quote and Reply to Quote Messages
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Save your favourite topics with Bookmarks!

One thing we want to highlight for new and existing members alike is the ability to save any thread you feel is important with a bookmark. It makes it easy to come back to at a later date, you can bookmark the first post in a thread, a very important post you want to remember, or just a random post so you can respond to it eventually. It's very easy to do!

On any post you will see a bookmark logo, as highlighted here:


Click the bookmark logo and you will be greeted with a prompt:


Fill in the fields as needed or wanted, and save.

Now once you go to your account menu and click on the "Bookmarks" tab your saved bookmarks will appear!


You can save as many threads or posts as you see fit and use the filter function to find them easily once again! You can remove any bookmark when you no longer need it, as well.

We hope this helps you make use of this handy feature!
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How to add your favorite team to your profile!

Originally posted here: Adding your favourite team to your profile

Let's take a look at how to add your favourite team to your profile using the new Shop add-on:

1.) Select the cart icon next to your notifications box and click on the "Shop" link.


2.) Select the league of your favourite team from the list of categories.


3.) Select your favourite team from the list of teams (you can do this multiple times so you can select all of your favourite teams).


4.) Click on "Get Free" on the right hand side of the page to bring up a pop-up confirming you want to select this item.


5.) Click on "Add to cart" (the phrases in use here, Purchase and cart are misleading, you are not buying anything, it's all free)


6.) On the right hand side of the page you now see a View Cart / Checkout link, click on that.


7.) Click the Purchase button (again, misleading, you aren't purchasing so much as simply adding the icon to your account).


8.) You will now be taken to your inventory page, select "Settings" and ensure that the item is set to Active.



9.) That's it, the icon is now displayed on your profile for all to see!


We hope you enjoy this new feature and have a great time adding your favourite teams :)
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How to use +Quote and Reply to Quote Messages

On every message you will see these three options:


Like houses the reactions, so we won't cover that in this guide. +Quote is something called multi-quote, this allows you to select multiple messages from a thread and then quote them in a single post, as demonstrated below:



Once you've selected a couple of posts to multi-quote, you can select the "Insert Quotes" button in the reply box at the bottom and insert the multiple quotes or remove any you don't want to insert:




That's all there is to it, now you just reply as normal!

The "Reply" option is your standard quote, select this and it will load the quote into the reply box ready for you to reply!



That's it! Nice and simple quotes and the ability to multi-quote :)
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