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  • Ron
    Where did you find owners records . Just curious as I do not want to add them all up from 1992. We are running out of time for these nitwit Detroit owners to do something.

    Take care
    Ron: Happy Birthday. Thanks for all your hard work and great leadership on this forum.
    Hey Ron can you call me when you get a chance? I?m not exactly sure what you mean in the post about the Peter Fonda thread and I don?t have your number anymore thanks, I lost a whole bunch of contact information when my last cell phone went kaput. Thanks.
    Sorry I got a little salty with you yesterday. I know I rub some people the wrong way because I have a different perspective on many things and I can be a little stubborn in my conversations. Believe me, I am as big of a Tiger fan as the next guy. I don't think I am disrespectful in my posts and I really try not to insult people.

    Thank you so much for that comment, I appreciate all interactions with my articles. Thank you for the compliment on my work there.

    As a Forum vet and moderator extraordinaire, you may have some insight into this. Recently there's a ton of annoying pop up coupons and crap when I'm reading the Forum and navigating from page to page. I know it's a free sight, but it's really becoming a pain. Any thoughts or suggestions? I use an iPad most of the time.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    Happy Birthday Ron. I have been reading your baseball thread for quite a number of years. You've become an institution.

    Please have many more. :*)
    You're right Kalinecountry it was stormin' Norman and harvey Kuenn. Harvey Kuenn was traded in the offseason after 1959 for Rocky Colavito. It was a very unpopular trade for indians fans.
    Hellifino cannot remember his password. I see him on another board and he asked me to send you this note. He tried several but cannot log in
    Looks like you have a birthday in a couple of days. Make it an entire weekend celebration! Happy birthday to you brother!
    Hey, Ron - can we discuss .......?

    He used to come off as a friendly rival on the old ESPN board - but now all he does is troll with derogatory posts about anything Michigan and Detroit.

    And he did make critical remarks about my friend, Victors03's ability to be a parent on Michigan board - beyond out line.

    I'm going to copy this to Monster and Mitch - I don't want to bother Mike about it.
    Thanks. Couldn't find anything classic like yours. So I decided to find something off the wall.
    Hey KC,been reading all along but finally got a new password so I will be posting a little more. Don't know why I have so many problems with these passwords. lol
    KC...I hope we get blue eye tonight and not brown eye. I envision a Tiger victory cigar somewhere around the midnight hour tonight!
    hey pal , long ti
    me no talk . Mark ( tonyballs ) got a hold of me and showed me where everyone posts now , good to be back and
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