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  • Dude, I only just saw your question about my Twitter handle.

    I deleted my Twitter account in an attempt to prove how easy it is to reinstall it, and then it was virtually impossible to do so.

    I have almost done nothing on Twitter.

    As always, thank you for being my cyber friend.
    Hi Byron. Thankyou very much for the birthday wishes and your kind words. They are appreciated.
    You are one of the true gentlemen I have had the pleasure to post with since our years at espn and right through all these years at DSF.
    Please God watch over all of us during and after this pandemic.
    Just a difficult year with that and coping with Al Kaline's passing.
    Let's hope our Tigers get this together in the next 2/3 years.
    As always, your friend KC Ron.
    Definitely right. It makes sense that Fr. Malachi Martin would be the priest he?d interview.
    I loved the guy. Never called in. Was always listening to him in the car between sales calls and there were no cell phones back then. I saw him live once at Macomb County Community College, I think. Wish I could remember the name of the priest he had on fairly often. Funny, as I type the name popped into my head. Malachai Martin, I think. Could that be right?
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