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Hoops 2023

MSU matches worst 8 game start by preseason top 5 team over the last 40 years. Ouch.
Granted, Izzo does pack the schedule early on but he always has.
I'm done watching this team until fears is playing over AJ and Booker is playing over mady and Cooper. It's clear these vets aren't it. Time for the kids to get some run.
We last missed the tourney in 1997. I was 4, soon to be 5. I have never known a world in which we weren?t in the big dance. Unfortunately I have a bad feeling 2024 we will not be there (although I thought this at various points in seasons like 2011, 2017, 2021-2023 and was wrong all of those times).

I just can?t believe we?re this bad. And I can?t believe guys like Sissoko continue to get solid minutes while Booker rides the pine.
Where the hell was that team the first 9 games of the year? Couldn?t have played any better/Baylor couldn?t have played much worse. Holloman looked good. Carr is just an absolute freak, and Booker looked solid too finally (glad he finally played).
They looked really good but that ass kicking makes me question Baylor's ranking more than convinces me this is an elite team. Great win but they need to show us more.
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Baylor gave Duke a pretty good game, taking the lead several times during the second half until falling behind double digits with just a couple minutes left. Hopefully they can make some noise in the Big 12 to maintain/improve the value of that win.
Mady is such an awful basketball player. I've never seen a guy look more confused on the court
I dont see 1 player on this current team that has gotten better since their freshman season.
Mady actually pulled his head out of his ass to actually grab some rebounds in the 2nd half. This will end up a solid win. That's a really good team.
29% 3 point defense this year. That hasn't been an issue.

Maybe not this year but I?m not sure I?d credit that to the defense. Our average margin of victory is 26 pts, most of the teams we?ve played are pretty lousy. dook and Arizona did shoot poorly from 3 in 2 of our losses but again I don?t think that?s because we played great perimeter defense.
Mady actually pulled his head out of his ass to actually grab some rebounds in the 2nd half. This will end up a solid win. That's a really good team.

A couple weeks ago (I think right after the AZ loss) Doug Gottlieb was calling this and the Baylor game resume building opportunities calling the Sycamores the last test before conference season heats up.
Just got back from Florida and watched the first 30 mins of this game - holy crap I love this fat kid at center for Indiana State - his backup is almost as fat but not nearly as good. Avila looks like a high school shop teacher but the fat boy can play. He got a pretty raw deal with 2 really bad foul calls against him and has had to sit a lot.

Then holy crap #2 - about 12 minutes I heard Hummel mention MSU being without Fears. Was pretty much off line all week so hadn?t heard he was shot while home on break. Wtf? I read it could have been much worse but the bullet struck bone so it?s pretty bad. I hope he can recover and get back to full strength.

Edit: finished the whole game this morning. The Sycamores are definitely legit, thankfully they got a bit cold from distance over the last 10 minutes or so. Several people have said we probably lose that game a month ago and they're probably right. The team has come a long way but still has a way to go. Hopefully Fears makes a full recovery and can return to the team this season.
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so much for that momentum. I missed the game and forgot to record it but from the stat sheet and article I read, sounds like turnovers and being soft up front on offense and defense were the main weaknesses. I know NW is better than usual but it sounds like we got our asses handed to us, trailing by as much as 19, never less than 11 in the 2nd hlf and ultimately losing by 14.

We often lose at Illinois when they're bad, seems like the place where we play our worst basketball. They look really good this year. Thursday could get really ugly if they play like they did this week.
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Senior captain, Malik Hall last night:
26 minutes 0 points 0 rebounds 0 assists 0-4 shooting 0-1 FTs 2 turnovers.

It was 4 on 5 last night when Hall was playing. Crazy to get that from your starting 4. Especially when he broke out the last 2 games.