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Hoops 2023

50% from 3, 6 offensive rebounds, 10 assists and we’re down 12 at half at home to Iowa. Foul trouble and getting crushed by Iowa’s transition game.

Win 5 of 6 and then give up 40 at half to an Iowa team that’s mostly playing bench players due to foul trouble. This team is so frustrating to watch.

They better figure this out.
Thankfully I’ve been too busy to watch much basketball this year. Saw just enough of the OSU game to see we were up 10 in the second half. Fortunately I had to be somewhere with my daughter and missed the last 8:49 where we scored a whopping 5 pts (just over .56 pts/min) and lost to another garbage team at home - 2 in a row for those keeping track.

We’re a hockey school though so we shouldn’t have unreasonable expectations for football and basketball.
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Looks like it was a real barn burner in E Lansing. Thankfully I was and will be busy studying for an exam until the 18th.

At least it was a win but it should have been the win that propelled us past NU and into 3rd in the standings. Instead we are tied for 6th and fighting to keep the tournament streak alive.
Carson Cooper is completely useless. And college basketball refs are unbelievably awful.
Not sure we deserve but the streak is alive. The fact that we are a 9 is even more surprising than making the cut - I thought we be a 12 or worse if we got in. After most or all the B1G gets flushed before the Sweet 16, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what Smitth is going to put on the field in 5.5 months.
Mady Sissoko enters the transfer portal. In addition to Cal, Washington, Colorado & SDSU, MSU is listed as one of the top 5 landing spots for him. Let's hope not.

I saw one headline that mentioned UNC - doubtful they're in the portal for a foul machine that disappears on the offensive end.
AJ Hoggard enters the portal. That's two good subtractions - now lets see if Izzo figures out he can also improve his team by addition through the portal.