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Negro Leagues Black History Month

February 13, 1920: Officials organize the Negro National League in a meeting held at the YMCA in Kansas City, Missouri, with the Detroit Stars as a charter member.
Spearheaded by league founder Rube Foster, the NNL will become the most successful of all Negro Leagues ventures and will last until the late 1940s.
Rube Foster established the Negro National League in a meeting held at KC?s Paseo YMCA & boldly proclaimed, ?WE ARE THE SHIP; ALL ELSE THE SEA,? serving notice to MLB that a new player had arrived to be reckoned with!
Our next #WomensHistoryMonth Game Changer is Charlene Turner-Johnson!
Read more on her role as volunteer president and CEO of B.A.S.S., Inc.

Charlene Turner-Johnson named Women?s History Month Game Changers honoree.
Volunteer president and CEO of B.A.S.S., Inc. celebrated for creating positive community development.
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